Short Answer: The Growth Metric is a community focused on helping businesses grow by providing relevant information, resources, and 1-on-1 personalized consultations

Long Answer: Every business wants to move from where they are to the next stage of their business journey, every business needs growth and while different businesses define growth differently, one thing is constant.

Getting to that next level involves a lot of strategic planning, a lot of resources and of course strategic execution.

That is what The Growth Metric is all about, we work with you to get to that level by providing you with relevant information resources and one on one discussions to really understand your business, the problems you are facing and possible solutions.
So, let’s get started. visit the resources page, blog or schedule a one on one Skype consultation with me today.

Who is Abigail Nwaocha?

I’m a business strategy and growth marketing consultant. I’ve helped grow startups and small businesses in different industries, from international trade, FMCG, building construction, politics, lifestyle brands to advertising.

I’d love to talk about growth strategies and tactics I’ve tested and applied, feel free to contact me.

Some of Our Clients


  • Working with Abigail has been fantastic! She handled our social media, email marketing and content. Our blog tour was a success!

    Scott Holley. President Yum Deliveries

    Yum Deliveries

  • Abigail managed my website and social media accounts, she constantly provided helpful suggestions on how Destiny Women Video Magazine could help both our producers and users.

    Mrs. Paulie Mugo – Founder, Destiny Women Video Magazine

    Destiny Women

  • I’ve worked with Abigail for over a year as E.D.G. & Atelier Architects social media specialist and website manager. Facebook has won us key projects especially large residential projects.

    Arch. Edward Mugo – CEO E.D.G. & Atelier Architects.

    E.D.G. & Atelier Architects

  • Simama2017! Was a project dear to us, as it was important to get Christian candidates elected as MCA’s. Abigail handled everything from website design, and graphic design to social media management. It was wonderful working with her.

    Mrs, Paulie Mugure & Arch. Edward Mugo –Co-founders, Simama2017!