Benefits of Market research

10 Benefits of Market Research

Your competitors are taking away your customers and winning in the marketplace because they’ve done their research ahead of you. 

Market research is a good evaluation tool that can help you track your company’s progress and the growth of your competitors, by keeping an eye on your competitors. We can use the data collected to devise business strategies that would keep you ahead of your business rivals. […]

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Types of Market Research

Let’s talk about Market Research and the different types of market research. The goal of this article is to help you understand the role research plays in business growth. Market research is a broad topic, and while we might not cover all of it in this article, Here’s what you’ll learn at the end of […]

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plan and execute social media campaign

6 Steps To Plan & Execute A Social Media Campaign

There is more to a social media campaign than posting or scheduling posts to Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/Pinterest/LinkedIn. You could create social media goals as the driving force behind your social media posts, but that alone does not constitute planning a social media campaign. A successful social media campaign requires more than that. It is sadly not as […]

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11 ways to optimize customer experience

Optimizing Customer Experience

Let’s talk about Customer Experience and Customer Experience Optimization.

We’ll talk about what customer satisfaction is, how to optimize customer experience, advantages of optimizing customer experience, problems with optimizing customer experience and the best practices for optimizing customer experience/customer satisfaction. […]

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7 app growth hacking strategies

7 App Growth Hacking Strategies

Let’s talk about App Growth Hacking strategies. Launching a new app is exciting, but it also entails a lot of work especially if you want it to grow exponentially within the first 12 months. Since mobile apps are on the rise, it’s getting more challenging to penetrate this saturated market. This is where app growth […]

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